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  • Downhill towards Alpsee
    Downhill towards Alpsee Photo: Joern Perschbacher, Outdooractive Editors

Trail runs in the Oberallgäu

Bavaria, Germany

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The Oberallgäu provides almost endless opportunities to leave your usual jogging route and go trail running. Runners can not only expect impressive views from the top of "Grünten", "Wertacher Hörnle" or "Immenstädter Horn", but also shadowy trails through "Hirschbachtobel" or "Haldertobel". Well-known competition routes at "Nebelhorn" and "Grünten" promise a motivational boost for running routes.
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Maps and trails

The Most Beautiful trail runs in the Oberallgäu

Downhill am Alpsee
Trail Running · Allgäu
From Salmas on the Salmaser Höhe to Bühl
Premium content Difficulty moderate
13.8 km
2:00 h
636 m
673 m
Medium-difficulty trail running tour with great views over the large Alpsee lake and a high proportion of trails.
Rottachsee und Grünten
Trail Running · Allgäu
Rottachsee Runde
recommended route Difficulty moderate
6.8 km
1:30 h
43 m
41 m
kurze schwimmlastige SwimRun-Runde, ca . 1600m schwimmen auf insgesamt 6km Strecke
Beautiful distant view
Trail Running · Allgäu
From Blaichach to Hüttenberger Eck and back through Haldertobel
Premium content Difficulty easy
8.2 km
1:30 h
471 m
471 m
Trail running circuit for beginners with moderate climbs.
Blick auf den Grünten
Trail Running · Allgäu
Premium content Difficulty difficult
39.1 km
6:00 h
1,358 m
1,358 m
The 1783 m high Grünten is conquered in the "Grüntenstafette" – on foot, by bike. Uphill, downhill. Running, climbing, suffering. Better be prepared.
Blick auf Sonthofen
Trail Running · Allgäu
Panorama run from Burgberg to Wertach
Premium content Difficulty moderate
16.1 km
3:26 h
774 m
677 m
The medium-difficulty trail running tour runs mostly on gravel and asphalt, but offers beautiful views.
Alpe Starkatsgund Richtung Bärenfalle
Trail Running · Allgäu
Round tour via Gschwender and Immenstädter Horn
Premium content Difficulty difficult
17.8 km
3:55 h
1,162 m
1,198 m
The trail runs from the Hornstuben inn via the Gschwender Horn, Immenstauml;dter Horn, Hochkanzel and via the hollow path back to the starting point.
Trail Running · Kleinwalsertal
Kanzelwand Trail
recommended route Difficulty difficult
8.4 km
2:39 h
1,095 m
238 m
Difficult, exciting trail (also see Widderstein Trail)
Walser Ultra Trail
Trail Running · Kleinwalsertal
Walser Ultra Trail
recommended route Difficulty difficult
61.8 km
13:45 h
3,716 m
3,716 m
The Walser Ultra-Trail is part of the Walser Trail Challenge. The route length is about 65 km and 4200 Hm and starts and ends in Riezlern.
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Panorama runs for beginners and advanced runners

In the Oberallgäu, the foothills of the Alps gradually change into alpine terrain. No wonder that you can reach impressive vantage points during a short or long run.

A challenging tour with magnificent views over the Oberallgäu mountains leads over the three peaks "Ornach", "Spieser" and "Wertacher Hörnle". Accompanied by an equally magnificent alpine panorama, you will be on easier trail running routes to the "Salmaser Höhe" or from Waltenhofen to Immenstadt.

Challenging training tracks

A special motivation boost can be training on a competition course or even taking part in a competition in the Oberallgäu. For example, a very demanding run leads to the 2224 m high "Nebelhorn".

Summit conquerors can also go on the trail running course of the "Grüntenstaffette" and train for the exciting team competition. Those who are enthusiastic about the combination of trail running and swimming can choose one of the training courses for the "Allgäu Triathlon".

Trails by the water

The trail running route in the heart of the Oberallgäu from Bad Hindelang through the "Ostrachtal" to Hinterstein runs first along the river Ostrach, then much more challenging on the western flank of the "Iseler" and through the "Hirschbachtobel" back again. Especially worthwhile on this two-hour tour is a short detour to the waterfall "Schleierfall".

On the way from "Hüttenberger Eck" to Blaichach you can refresh yourself in the "Haldertobel" on the cool water of the "Gunzesrieder Ach". There are also attractive trails around the lake "Rottachsee".


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