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  • Snowshoe hiking around the Grünten in Oberallgäu
    Snowshoe hiking around the Grünten in Oberallgäu Photo: Philipp Angerhofer, @philippangerhofer /

Snow Shoeing in Oberallgaeu

Bavaria, Germany

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Snowshoeing has been a tradition for thousands of years. At that time mainly used as a means of transport, snowshoe tours have meanwhile developed into a real trend sport. The Oberallgäu, the southern part of the Allgäu, also offers the best conditions for this: snow-sure winters as well as the mixture of high mountains and Alpine foothills guarantee exciting winter tours in the foothills and the Hörner group. Both professionals and beginners will enjoy hiking tours in the Easter Valley, the Nagelfluh chain or along the main Allgäu ridge.
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Maps and trails

The most beautiful snowshoe walks in the Oberallgäu

Gipfel Wertacher Hörnle im Winter
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
From Unterjoch with snowshoes to the Wertacher Hörnle
Premium content Difficulty moderate
6.7 km
3:30 h
650 m
650 m
The Wertacher Hörnle offers an easy snowshoe tour on moderately steep terrain. snowshoe tour to a largely forested pre-Alpine peak.
Die Stadelmannburstalpe
Snowshoe walking · Allgaeu Alps
Burstkopf von Balderschwang
recommended route Difficulty moderate
6.3 km
6:00 h
607 m
596 m
Herrlicher Aussichtsberg im Gebiet um Balderschwang. Durch die geographische Lage des Bregenzerwaldes hat man hier oft beträchtliche Schneehöhen. Der Burstkopf ist bei Schneeschuhgehern und Schitourengehern sehr beliebt, wobei sich die Aufstiege beider Sportarten bei entsprechender Spur Wahl nicht behindern.
Mit den Schneeschuhen auf's Tiefenbacher Eck
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
Schneeschuhrunde von Bad Hindelang über das Tiefenbacher Eck
Premium content Difficulty moderate
9.1 km
4:00 h
636 m
636 m
Die traumhafte Schneeschuhrunde führt uns direkt oberhalb von Bad Hindelang über den Bohleskopf zum Tiefenbacher Eck und wieder zurück.
Weg auf den Bohleskopf
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
Von Bad Hindelang auf den Bohleskopf mit Schneeschuhen
Premium content Difficulty moderate
8.1 km
3:30 h
629 m
629 m
Eine sehr beliebte Schneeschuhtour führt uns auf meist gut ausgetretenen Wegen zur Klank-Alpe und weiter hinauf zum Bohleskopf.
Schneeschuhgehen bei der Höllritzer Alpe
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
From Gunzesried to the Höllritzeralpe
Premium content Difficulty easy
9.8 km
4:00 h
458 m
460 m
The snowshoe tour above the Gunzesried Ostertal is a fairly easy undertaking between the Nagelfluhkette and the Hörnergruppe. Without any particular difficulties, the circular tour runs along the beautiful ridge of the Ostertalberg to the Höllritzeralpe.
Schneeschuhwanderung im Allgäu: Von Obermaiselstein durch das Bolgental zum Berghaus Schwaben
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
From Obermaiselstein through the Bolgental valley to Berghaus Schwaben
Premium content Difficulty moderate
12.5 km
6:00 h
658 m
658 m
This snowshoe hike takes us through the beautiful cultural landscape of the Bolgen valley, which is still justifiable even in critical snow conditions.
View from the observation tower towards the Allgäu Alps
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
From Diepolz to the Hauchenberg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
6.2 km
3:00 h
299 m
299 m
We enjoy a beautiful hike across partly untouched meadows. A magnificent panoramic view awaits us on the Hauchenberg from the Alps to far into the Alpine foothills.
Steiniger Gipfel mit Gipfelkreuz
Snowshoe walking · Allgäu
recommended route Difficulty easy
13.1 km
5:15 h
757 m
722 m
Einfache Ski- oder Schneeschuhtour mit bedingter Einkehrmöglichkeit. Umrundung und Besteigung des Tennenmooskopfes. Wer mit Schneeschuhen unterwegs ist, kann bei der Rappengschwendalpe ein Schlittendepot einrichten und den Hatsch ins Tal etwas rasanter zurücklegen.
Kühgund  Gipfel
Snowshoe walking · Allgaeu Alps
Kühgund / Iseler
recommended route Difficulty moderate
6.7 km
3:45 h
447 m
934 m
Bergfahrt mit der Wannenjochbahn, zum Kühgundgipfel, über den Kühgundrücken zum Iseler. Der Iseler war an dem Tag wegen der vielen Selbstauslosungen nicht möglich. Abstieg über die obere Stuibenalpe zur Talstation Wannenjochbahn
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Whether you are an experienced snowshoe hiker or a curious beginner, whether you are a sporty and active type or a hiker who enjoys hiking – in Oberallgäu everyone is guaranteed to find the right snowshoe tour through untouched nature for themselves. An unforgettable and snowy experience awaits you.

Easy to medium-difficulty pleasure tours with cosy refreshment stops

The snowshoe tours from Unterjoch to the Wertacher Hörnle and around the Ofterschwanger Horn – with a detour to the summit – are, for example, ideally suited for beginners, whereas the snowshoe hike from Obermaiselstein through the Bolgental to the Berghaus Schwaben is considerably more demanding in terms of fitness.

More leisurely is the trail from Gunzesried to the Höllritzeralpe.

The trail from Gunzesried to the Höllritzeralpe is more leisurely. The easy snowshoe tour stretches between the Nagelfluhkette and the Hörnergruppe and leads over the mountain ridge to the alpine pasture at the end.

Although there are some differences between the two trails, the route is more challenging.

Although the tours differ in terms of difficulty, they all have one thing in common: unforgettable winter sports moments and an impressive view of the snow-covered Alps.

Panoramic winter hiking with scenic diversity

All those who want to enjoy a fantastic winter mountain panorama will certainly not be disappointed in Oberallgau. On the Hauchenberg, the wooden tower offers an impressive panoramic view of the Allgäu Alps, the Weitnau valley and the Illertal valley.

Snowshoe tours in the Oberallgäu are certainly not disappointing.

A snowshoe hike up the Immenstädter Horn with a deep view of the Alpsee in the valley draws a wonderful winter panorama of snow-covered landscape and frozen lake. For the 800 metres of ascent, you should have a good basic level of fitness and, of course, the right equipment.

Seclusion, tranquillity and the beauty of the landscape characterise the hike from the Ostertal to the Ochsenkopf. The mountain scenery of the Nagelfluhkette, the Hörnergruppe, the Ostertal and the Allgäuer Hauptkamm provide hikers with scenic and sporting highlights.

So put on your snowshoes and let's go!

Guided snowshoe tours through the Oberallgäu Snowshoe Park

Numerous guided snowshoe tours await you in the Oberallgäu snowshoe park: from beginners' tours to torchlight hikes to adventure hikes for the more experienced (1-4 hours depending on the level of difficulty). 


Dein Freiraum.Mein Lebensraum - Auf's Bleicherhorn (1.669m) by Achim
April 15, 2023 ·
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When did you do this route? April 14, 2023
Rückblick zur Höllritzer Alpe
Photo: Achim Meyer, DAV Sektion Biberach
Dem Gelände folgend direkt in Richtung Gipfelkreuz
Photo: Achim Meyer, DAV Sektion Biberach
Talblick vom Gipfel des Bleicherhorns
Photo: Achim Meyer, DAV Sektion Biberach
Am Grat talwärts
Photo: Achim Meyer, DAV Sektion Biberach
Panorama Rund ums Riedberger Horn
Photo: Achim Meyer, DAV Sektion Biberach
Schneeschuhwandern zum Gigglstein by Anke
February 12, 2023 · Community
When did you do this route? February 12, 2023
Schneeschuhwandern am Grünten by Anke
February 11, 2023 · Community
When did you do this route? February 11, 2023
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