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    Hikers taking a break Photo: Markt Sulzberg

Nature trails in the Oberallgäu

Bavaria, Germany

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What do Sebastian Kneipp, the mascot "Kuhnigunde" and the witches of Hinterstein have in common? Easy: They all take hikers on different and interesting thematic trails through the Oberallgäu. Landscape and people, flora and fauna, culture and curiosities: Hikers get the chance to discover, try out and explore the Oberallgäu.
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Maps and trails

The 10 Most Beautiful nature trails in the Oberallgäu

Thematic Trail · Nagelfluhkette
MounTeens-Detektivweg am Hündle
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
6.3 km
3:00 h
100 m
393 m
Deutschlands erster MounTeens-Detektivweg am Hündle vereint Naturerlebnis und Abenteuer mit Wander-, Lese-, Spiele- und Rätselspaß. Geeignet für Kinder von 6 - 14 Jahren.
wandern auf dem Carl Hirnbeinweg
Thematic Trail · Allgäu
Carl Hirnbeinweg - Erlebniswanderweg Weitnau - Wilhams - Missen
recommended route Difficulty moderate
7 km
2:30 h
239 m
172 m
Mit Kindern durch den Wald pirschen! Der Carl Hirnbeinweg verbindet Spielplätze mit Geschichte. Der Weg kann in beiden Richtungen gleich gut begangen werden.    
Besinnungspfad in Weitnau-Eisenbolz
Thematic Trail · Weitnau
Wanderpfad Besinnungspfad Engelwarz Weitnau achtsam langsam verweilen
recommended route Difficulty easy
0.8 km
0:30 h
50 m
0 m
An der „Himmelswiese“ zur Besinnung - ein gemütlicher Wanderpfad über Streuwiesen und Wald. Sieben Info-Tafeln zu Tehmen, die zur Umgebung passen.  
Hello? at the mountain farmers museum in Diepolz
Thematic Trail · Allgäu
On the Kuhnigundenweg in Diepolz
Premium content Difficulty easy
4.9 km
1:30 h
155 m
155 m
The Kuhnigunden Trail leads around the Allgäu Mountain Farm Museum Diepolz. Especially for families with children, this tour is an unforgettable experience.
Thematic Trail · Schattwald
Smuggler's Trail (Schmugglersteig)
recommended route Difficulty moderate
4.3 km
1:58 h
284 m
283 m
The smugglers' trail from Wannenjoch to Iseler - great fun for the whole family!
St. Wolfgang Haslach
Thematic Trail · Allgäu
Auf SEINER Spur - ein Glaubens- und Kirchenrundweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
41.5 km
11:15 h
740 m
740 m
Ein Glaubens- und Kirchenrundweg durch die Allgäuer Gemeinde Oy-Mittelberg.
Gedeckte Brücke Riezlern Höfle
Thematic Trail · Kleinwalsertal
Walser Cultural Walk: Valley tour
recommended route Difficulty moderate
20.1 km
6:02 h
464 m
667 m
The extended hike combines culture and history of the Kleinwalsertal with panoramic viewpoints.
Der Themenweg „Schmugglersteig“
Thematic Trail · Allgäu
Smuggler's Trail
Premium content Difficulty moderate
4.3 km
1:35 h
233 m
233 m
In earlier times, the cross-border trail from the Iseler (Bavaria) to the Wannenjoch (Tyrol) was a popular smuggler's path. Today, as a smuggler, you can try to bring your booty safely to its destination.
Pfarrkirche Maria Opferung
Thematic Trail · Kleinwalsertal
Walser Cultural Walk: Riezlern - Söllereck - Walserschanz
recommended route Difficulty moderate
13.3 km
4:13 h
493 m
589 m
You can discover a piece of history in Kleinwalsertal on foot on old mule tracks. The audio guide tells the stories of the buildings.
Wilderer Spielplatz
Thematic Trail · Bad Hindelang
Playgrounds in and around Bad Hindelang
recommended route Difficulty easy
7.3 km
1:55 h
45 m
45 m
A beautiful trail for children and adults, which leads to 4 playgrounds and much more.
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Hiking with cows, smugglers and “wild young women”

Near the "Diepolzer Bergbauernmuseum" the "Kuhnigundeweg" takes young naturalists from station to station to experience and learn about the Oberallgäu mountain forests. Special “stovepipes” even provide the opportunity to look into the inside of a mountain range.

The "Carl-Hirnbein-Erlebnisweg" between Missen and Weitnau explains how the cheese production ended up in the Allgäu. The trail includes a big forest playground and is accompanied by many animals.

Obermaiselstein is known as the village of legends and myths. During the hike you might encounter wild dragons and "Fräuleins" as well as a reassure in the "Sturmannsloch". The "Schmugglersteig" (smuggler’s climb) runs near the border towards the Tannheim Valley and tells the story of smugglers and border control.

Experiencing views and landscape

Several things are part of enjoyable hike and above all else a beautiful landscape and impressive views. Some thematic trails in the Oberallgäu lead through the vast alpine landscape as for example the "Hörner Panarama Weg" that provides hikers with a spectacular view of the Allgäu Alps.

The "Werdensteiner Moos Weg" takes hikers to a unique habitat. If there was no agriculture in the Oberallgäu great parts of the region would look like this small renaturation area. The «Steinmeile» is just as educational and explains the constant change of nature in this region.

The historic adventure path in Sulzberg is interesting for both young and old. It encounters 21 sites including the region’s oldest mineral spring and biggest castle ruins.

Time, relaxation and indulgence

But the region does not only provide beautiful hiking path through a peaceful naturalistic landscape. You also have a chance to get to know the healing methods of priest Sebastian Kneipp. The circular track leads to the viewpoints of the main Allgäu mountain ridge as well as to the chapels and the Kneipp therapy pools.

The "Balderschwanger Zeitweg" invites visitors to take some time to think, time to take in, and time to be astonished. 16 stations for families inform about life in the Balderschwang mountains, the nature park Nagelfluhkette and its animals and plants.


Carl Hirnbeinweg - Erlebniswanderweg Weitnau - Wilhams - Missen by Kerstin
January 23, 2023 · Community
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Photo: Kerstin Seitz, Community
MounTeens-Detektivweg am Hündle by Andreas
August 22, 2022 · Community
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When did you do this route? August 22, 2022
Photo: Andreas Schabel, Community
Photo: Andreas Schabel, Community
MounTeens-Detektivweg am Hündle by Fewo
August 21, 2022 · Community
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When did you do this route? August 17, 2022
Photo: Fewo Löwenzahn, Community
Photo: Fewo Löwenzahn, Community
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