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  • Mountain biking at Großer Alpsee
    Mountain biking at Großer Alpsee Photo: Stadt Immenstadt
  • Mountain biking at Steigbachtal
    Mountain biking at Steigbachtal Photo: Alpsee Immenstadt Tourismus GmbH
  • Biker at the Panoramaweg Trail
    Biker at the Panoramaweg Trail Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
  • Mountain biking on the Salmaser Höhe Photo: Stadt Immenstadt

Mountain biking trails in the Oberallgäu

Bavaria, Germany

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In the Oberallgäu, mountain bikers can expect fantastic views over an impressive mountain backdrop and flowing trails that make bikers' hearts beat faster. Here, long mountain bike tours lead around the "Grünten", crisp ascents to the "Rottachberg" and challenging descents from the "Iselerplatz Hut" on the "Palmweg" down to the valley. Mountain bikers will find all of this in the Oberallgäu – right on their doorstep.
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Maps and trails

The Most Beautiful mountain biking trails in the Oberallgäu

Freeride am Falkenstein
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
Falkenstein Freeride Trail Tour at the Rottachberg
Premium content Difficulty difficult
21 km
3:30 h
812 m
812 m
One of the top MTB freeride spots in the Allgäu with many variation possibilities and soon snow-free in spring.
Biker auf dem Panoramaweg Trail
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
Panorama Trail
Premium content Difficulty S2 moderate
14.8 km
2:45 h
624 m
624 m
Tough MTB tour with a steep ascent to the Ofterschwanger Horn and a great single trail descent.
Blick auf die Bärgündele-Alpe
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
Von Bad Hindelang zur Bärgündlealpe
Premium content Difficulty moderate
38.8 km
4:30 h
904 m
904 m
Fahrt durchs atemberaubende Naturschutzgebiet auf besten Wegen. Auf der bewirtschafteten Alpe schmeckt die Brotzeit besonders gut.
Gschnaidt - Blick in das baden-württenbergische Unterland
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
From Kempten through the Adelegg (Grand Tour Adelegg)
Premium content Difficulty S0 moderate
59.2 km
6:45 h
928 m
928 m
The tour takes us from Kempten through the hills of the Adelegg, which reach far into the Alpine foothills. Lively ups and downs, beautiful views and nice places to stop for a bite to eat, even the option of an optional ride, make the tour entertaining and varied. The tour mostly leads along scenic forest paths, only the beginning is more traily. At the end of the tour, many kilometres of descent await us through the varied pre-Alpine landscape of the Allgäu.
Aussicht vom Bildstöckle
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
Via the Dreiangelhütte to the Bildstöckle
Premium content Difficulty difficult
34.4 km
4:30 h
823 m
824 m
This mountain bike tour takes us past the Dreiangelhütte to the Bildstückle, where we have a magnificent view of the Oberallgäu mountains. Afterwards we have the option of returning to the valley on the asphalt road or a beautiful but technically demanding trail in the forest.
Am Wenger Egg
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
Enjoying the views: from Kempten through the Wirlings forest to the viewing tower on the Black Ridge
Premium content Difficulty S0 moderate
40.5 km
4:45 h
574 m
574 m
Typical pre-Alpine tour from Kempten to the Schwarzer Grat, the highest point in the Ravensburg district. Hilly, with a total of 700 metres of altitude in 3 stages but a long descent.
Ausblick auf Bad Oberdorf und Bad Hindelang
Mountain Bike · Allgäu
Palmweg von der Iseler-Platzhütte
Premium content Difficulty S3 difficult
12.3 km
3:00 h
772 m
772 m
Aussichtsreiche Runde für sichere Mountainbiker auf einem schweren und ausgesetzten Pfad in der Felswand über Bad Oberdorf
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Single trails as far as the eye can see

For experienced and demanding mountain bikers, the Oberallgäu is the perfect region. Thick tyres and large suspension travel are recommended on the Falkenstein freeride trail route. The pre-Alpine Rottachberg mountain range hides several trails that allow different downhill variations from the Falkenstein, making the mountain ridge a great playground for mountain bikers. Other challenging trails can be found, for example, on the Kuhgehren Trail or the Palmweg.

Routes along cool mountain streams and with beautiful views

Mountain biking routes in the Oberallgäu often lead along cool mountain streams. The Panorama trail, for example, repeatedly encounters smaller streams on the descent from the World Cup hut in Ofterschwang.

Another route leads along the Ostrach river into the romantic Hinterstein valley and up to the Bärgündlealpe. On this tour, the Allgäu High Alps nature reserve shows its most beautiful side.

Beautiful views on varied trails are offered by the routes from Kempten through the Adelegg and over the Wirlingser Wald.

Biking around the mountain

On the long round trip around the Ifen, easy trails predominate, the panorama and the alpine meadows between Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal valley inspire every passionate biker - as does the flowing and challenging trail from the Gerlachsattel down to the Alpe Melköde.

On the loop around the Grünten we also ride around a mountain. During the ride via the Dreiangelhütte and the Bildstöckle, bikers enjoy a magnificent view of the Oberallgäu Alps. For the way back, the freeride descent from the Bildstöckle is worthwhile. The way back down to the valley is full of verve via so-called "Hohlgassen", old Allgäu cart paths.

In the Upper Allgäu, the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park should not be forgotten. The mountain range of the same name is circumnavigated on various routes.


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Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
Photo: Thomas Kleinhenz, Community
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