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  • Hikers on the trail "Wandertrilogie Wiesengänger"
    Hikers on the trail "Wandertrilogie Wiesengänger" Photo: Christa Fredlmeier, Allgäu GmbH

Long-distance hikes in the Oberallgäu

Bavaria, Germany

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The best way to explore the diverse and beautiful landscape of Oberallgäu is by taking a multi-day hike. There are numerous well-marked long distance hiking trails in Germany’s most southern region.
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The 10 Most Beautiful long-distance hikes in the Oberallgäu

View from Seescharte, on the right the peak Silberspitze
Long Distance Hiking
Alpine crossing on E5 – From Oberstdorf to Meran
Premium content Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route
173.9 km
36:00 h
8,255 m
8,943 m
The classic alpine crossing: 6-day tour on the route E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran through the beautiful alpine terrain.
Blick zum Latschenkopf (rechts)
Long Distance Hiking · Allgäu
Premium content Difficulty difficult closed
407.6 km
150:00 h
19,495 m
19,314 m
The long-distance hiking trail named after King Maximilian II of Bavaria leads from Lindau on Lake Constance once across the state to Berchtesgaden.
Blick auch Mädelegabel (re) und Hochfrottspitze (li)
Long Distance Hiking · Allgäuer Hochalpen
Über das Waltenbergerhaus zur Mädelegabel
recommended route Difficulty difficult
29.9 km
11:14 h
1,833 m
1,915 m
Faistenoy, Einödsbach, Bacherloch, Waltenbergerhaus, Bockkarscharte, Mädelegabel, Kemptner Hütte, Sperrbachtobel, Spielmannsau, Oberstdorf
Fernwandern auf dem Gelben Weg bei Sölden
Long Distance Hiking · Italy
Via Alpina - Yellow Trail
Premium content Difficulty difficult
799.7 km
290:00 h
45,425 m
44,605 m
Across the Alps from south to north: the Yellow Trail of the Via Alpina leads through landscapes rich in contrasts from the Italian Adriatic to the Dolomites and the Austrian Central Alps to Oberstdorf in the Allgäu.
View of Irsee with the monastery complex.
Long Distance Hiking · Bayerisch-Schwaben
Swabian-Allgäu Hiking Trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
158.4 km
41:00 h
1,598 m
1,310 m
The Schwäbisch-Allgäuer Wanderweg (SAW) has been leading since 1978 from the old Römerstadt Augsburg through a highly varied landscape to the Oberallgäu to Sonthofen at the edge of the high mountains.
Sonneck bei Weitnau im Allgäu
Long Distance Hiking · Allgäu
"Oberallgäuer Rundwanderweg" – Round tour through the Oberallgäu
Premium content Difficulty difficult closed
225.9 km
93:00 h
8,184 m
8,169 m
The hiking trail leads more than 200 km through the most beautiful regions of the scenic Oberallgäu: from the hilly countryside around Kempten, the Allgäu metropolis in the north, down to the south, to the mountains of the mountain range "Nagelfluhkette", the striking peaks of the Allgäu main ridge and back again.
Kotalm Hut at 1133 m
Long Distance Hiking · Berchtesgadener Land
European Long Distance Trail E4 - German section from Bad Reichenhall to Oberallgäu
Premium content Difficulty difficult closed
333 km
151:32 h
19,049 m
18,470 m
The European Long Distance Trail E4 is mostly developed and runs from Cyprus via Bulgaria in a large arc through the Alps to France and Spain. The German section has a very demanding alpine character and passes over numerous high peaks.
Blick auf die Drei Zinnen
Long Distance Hiking
Via Alpina - Red Trail
Premium content Difficulty difficult
2,563.7 km
970:00 h
175,000 m
175,000 m
Internationally renowned long-distance hiking trail from Italy via Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and France to Monaco.
So kommst du gut durch eine Mehrtagestour - 5 Tipps für unterwegs | Alpenüberquerung | Service
Long Distance Hiking
Die Alpenüberquerung der Bergfreundinnen: Oberstdorf - Comer See
recommended route Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route
244.1 km
336:00 h
10,656 m
11,418 m
Zu Fuß über die Alpen: Die Bergfreundinnen sind von Oberstdorf bis an den Comer See gelaufen. Hier gibt's die Route - alle Etappen gibt's im Podcast "Bergfreundinnen"!
Auf dem Heilbronner Weg
Long Distance Hiking · Allgäuer Hochalpen
Der Heilbronner Weg
recommended route Difficulty difficult
26.2 km
11:31 h
1,849 m
1,848 m
Faistenoy, Einödsbach, Bacherloch, Waltenbergerhaus, Bockkarscharte, Heilbronner Weg, Große Steinscharte, Rappenseehütte, Enzianhütte, Einödsbach, Faistenoy
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Hiking trilogy Allgäu: Meadows, water and the sky

If you want to hike through the Allgäu, the "Wandertrilogie Allgäu" is a safe bet. The three hiking trails are called "Wiesengänger" (through meadows), "Wasserläufer" (along running waters) and "Himmelsstürmer" (up to the sky) and lead visitors through the diverse landscape of the Allgäu – from soft meadows over rolling hills and up to the high mountains.

The individual stages of the tours can be freely put together and combined. Most stages that lead through the Allgäu are part of the "Himmelsstürmer"-route. They can be quite challenging and require a good condition and technique, but reward with a unique nature experience and breathtaking views.

Long distance trails across the Alps

Many long distance hikers and mountaineers dream of hiking through the Alps for several days – or cross them from North to South.

The long distance trail E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran is one of the most popular routes as it offers a diverse landscape, well-marked paths and good accommodations. The first stage of the alpine crossing is located in the Oberallgäu and leads from Oberstdorf to the "Kemptner Hütte".

The German part of the long distance trail E4 also leads through the Oberallgäu. Highlight of the Allgäu part is the crossing of the "Nagelfluhkette".

Long distance trails across the Oberallgäu's pre-alpine landscape

The "Oberallgäuer Rundwanderweg" (round tour) leads over 200 km through the region of the same name. You walk through the rolling landscape around Kempten to the mountains of the "Nagelfluhkette" near Immenstadt before reaching the striking peaks of the Allgaä’s main ridge.

The "Schwäbisch-Allgäuer Wanderweg" hiking trail connects Augsburg and Sonthofen. The trail provides beautiful paths through meadows and forests while you can enjoy the sight of the Allgäu Alps from afar. The trail is also suitable for families.

The "Maximiliansweg" takes you from Lake Constance across ridges and peaks over the Bavarian mountains to lake "Königssee".


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