The river Lahn is 242 kilometers long. It originates in the Rothaargebirge and finally ends in an estuary into the river Rhein in Lahnstein. Its counterpart, the Lahnwanderweg trail with its 295km, is slightly longer and takes you through the Lahntal on a route that goes both uphill and downhill, through forests, towns and villages until you finally reach the Rhein.
Anyway, the hiking trail includes a couple of spectacular views. Whenever you feel the need to travel a part of your journey by train, there will usually be railway stations close to the route. They will take you to your final destination and will make sure that you will arrive on time.

Welcome to the Lahnwanderweg trail!


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Aus aktuellem Anlass

Schleuse Runkel
Schleuse Runkel
Photo: Domink Ketz, Das Lahntal

Zahlreiche Anfragen zeigen uns, dass viele Menschen unsicher sind, ob ein Urlaub oder eine Wochenendtour auf dem Lahnwanderweg und im Lahntal möglich sind. Diese Unsicherheit können wir ausräumen - Ihr Urlaub ist wie geplant möglich und Sie sind herzlich Willkommen. Bereits gebuchte Reisen können bedenkenlos angetreten werden.

Das Lahntal, und damit der Lahnwanderweg, sind von Unwetterschäden nicht betroffen.

Alle aktuellen Hinweise und Meldungen zum Lahnwanderweg finden Sie immer in der  Rubrik "Service".

Hier können Sie außerdem die aktuellen Pegelstände der Lahn abrufen. Dadurch haben Sie schnell einen Überblick über die Situation an der Lahn und auf den Uferwegen.

The Landscape

Some might like the enchanted landscape around the source that you can find in the Oberes Lahntal while others prefer the width of the meadow landscape in the mittleres Lahntal. Others might fancy the wild and romantic Unteres Lahntal with the high rocks that the river runs through. People of all hiking paces will find a way to unwind and have a good time.


All of the 19 stages that you can find on this website have been planned in a way that allows hikers to actually enjoy their hiking activity as well as discover villages, towns and castles without a need to hurry. All trails in total allow you to climb an altitude of about 6000 meters and thereby discover small valleys. Those who enjoy some extra activity will find fixed rope routes on a decent level.

The Lahnwanderweg trail

The Lahnwanderweg trail will make hikers’ hearts beat faster. Its concept has been planned with a lot of thought and you can discover the creators’ ideas while taking the route: hiking in versatile surroundings.

The Lahnwanderweg trail upstream

Those who prefer a stage that starts from the mouth of the river and takes you to its source - upstream - will find the both a description and a map in our tour planner.

The red LW shows the way

Photo: Outdooractive Editors


The whole Lahnwanderweg trail is marked with its distinctive sign. It shows a red LW on a white background. Our trail patrons have made those markings through forest and field; village and town and have been extra careful when marking junctions and crossings.

The access routes can be recognized by the markings with the yellow background.

Collect memories with the hiking pass

Photo: Das Lahntal
You can collect stamps on all 19 stages of the Lahnwanderweg trail.

We award the Lahnwanderweg trail hiking certificate from three stages on. Just send us your hiking pass and you will get it back with the certificate.

You can either order the hiking pass for free or print it at home yourself.

Wanderpass - Originalgröße

Wanderpass - für DIN A4 optimiert


Once you have completed 17 of 19 stages and have also collected those in your pass you will have the opportunity to take part in a competition. We will send your hiking pass back to you in any case.